Concept Techniki SA, comprises a flexible, yet concrete assembly of engineers, scientists and experts, capable of sustaining efficiently the development, implementation, management and transaction of challenging projects. The company was founded in 2000 as a limited liability partnership (Concept Techniki LtD), whereas at the beginning of 2009 it became a Societe Anonym (SA).

With its registered offices and headquarters in Heraclion, the capital of the Crete island and cradle of the Minoan civilization in the southern part of Greece, among its major memorandum’s of incorporation scopes, the company is involved  in:

Concept Techniki SA managed to operate successfully and unfailing under the above mentioned scopes  for almost fifteen years, implementing and completing an impressive volume of challenging projects, mainly in front of its international investors.

Since 2004, the company has fully reengineered to specialize and focus to its vertical activities, with the simultaneous enrichment of its human resources, processes and infrastructures, quantitatively and qualitatively. With this approach, the company achieved to integrate vertically its production activities and its high level available human resources in high-end engineering, consulting, developing, contracting, EPC, as well as facility management services.

Besides its headquarter, the company has fully equipped branches in Athens and Thessaloniki, covering in this way the entire mainland and the islands of Greece. Technology and innovation adoption is strategic aim of the company, whereas the provision of high-end reference services to premium investors and clients is its key production principle. To meet its business goals the company has developed and utilizes a firm network of other groups, which share common values of quality and efficiency.

Nowadays, Concept Techniki SA is acknowledged as a credible, reliable and efficient business entity, which provides high integrated and quality services towards prestigious and demanding investors across the country, the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. For additional and more detailed information, visitors should not hesitate to visit our official site. Meanwhile we wish you an interesting and pleasant navigation to our portal.